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About me

Fitness has always played a massive part in my life. For years I've been hugely into sport and have played almost every game you can think of. Throughout my years of athletics, football and other sports I always had that extra bit of interest in the fitness side of things. I used to love when my coach/trainer would say we had a fitness session or we were going to train in the gym. I always wanted to push my body as far as it could go and see what I was capable of.


It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes that my true passion for everything fitness emerged. Of course, being diagnosed with Diabetes was a huge shock to the system and a serious life-changing condition but I knew I could adapt to it. As strange as it sounds, I am now healthier than I have ever been despite the fact I am Diabetic. Diet and exercise are an enormous contributing factor and beneficial tool for Diabetes management. It's through years of strict eating and specific exercise routines that I have learned to fully control my condition day by day. When I noticed how much of an impact a healthy, exercise filled lifestyle had on my Diabetes and every other aspect of my life, I decided I wanted to become a qualified Personal Trainer. I felt that I had a great opportunity to pass on my years of training and experience of living with Diabetes to other people in similar situations. Diabetes shouldn't stop you from pursuing any career, travelling to any country or living any way you want to live. I want to help you gain the knowledge and experience that I have so that you can take complete and confident control of your own Diabetes and become a healthier diabetic.