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12 week training and nutrition coaching

This is the complete package for anyone who is looking to build muscle, gain strength, burn body fat or just live a healthier way!

With this intense 12 Week Training and Nutrition Plan you will work directly with me to achieve any fitness goal you have.

During these 12 weeks you will have to use a food scales and fitness app (ie. My Fitness Pal) to track your foods each day – this is the only way I can guarantee the results you want. I will outline your specific macronutrient needs, give you examples of foods to use and help you learn how to create your own meals based around your daily nutritional needs. I want to educate you about food so you can continue to stay in great shape!

Along with your nutrition plan, I will work with you to create specific workout routines and exercise plans to accommodate you, around your day.


- Your own personal and specific training and diet plan.

* This is based on you and the answers you submit from a questionnaire.

- Full breakdown of daily exercises, sets, reps and rest times.

- Full breakdown of daily Calorie and Macronutrient needs (to the gram) - Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.

- Cardio program/advice if needed.

- Specific exercise routines working around any injuries you may have.

- Weekly updates, check-ins and adjustments.

- Education about different foods and when to eat them – how certain foods will spike/keep blood sugars level. (applicable if diabetic)

- My personal tips and experience I've gained through the years while living with Diabetes to help manage your own health with the condition.

- Motivation when you need it.

- On going support via email. I would encourage all my clients to contact me as much as they please with ANY questions or queries and to keep me constantly updated on their progress.

- Supplementation advice. What supplements will benefit you for whatever goal you have. Advise you on what's necessary and what the scams are.

*Please allow 3-5 working days for me to fully complete your plan.