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Hello! My name is Eoin and I'm a Personal Trainer from Ireland. I have over seven years experience and want to pass on every bit of knowledge that I have, to you.


What makes me that bit different from your average trainer is the fact that I am a Type 1 Diabetic. Of course, my services are not just specifically for diabetics, I also work with people who don't have the condition.


Throughout my years of living with Diabetes I have been studying all about different types of foods, diets, training programs and exercise routines. It has given me the chance to find out first hand how various foods spike blood sugars, what exercises can lower your levels and how to keep your glucose readings consistent throughout each day. There are so many little tips and tricks I have learned along the way to ensure that the condition stays under control and that you can live a healthy, normal life with Diabetes.


I want to educate people about training and nutrition so that they can continue to live healthily and feel great about themselves for years to come.


Gain Complete Control of Your Health and Diabetes

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