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Our Client Experiences.

Hear about some amazing success stories from just a hand full of our past clients. We like to gauge and monitor progress not just based on appearance and what the weighing scale says, but every aspect of our Diabetic lives; mood, energy, confidence, knowledge, understanding, long term health, A1C, time in target range % and so much more!

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George, UK

“Eoin changed the way I view diabetes and exercise completely. Since working with Eoin over a year ago my diabetes management and my training levels have all improved massively. The training plan was a challenge & the macro targets were tough, but I saw results which motivated me more and made it so enjoyable. I’ll continue training with his plans and will be using Eoin again and again in the future.


Hba1c since starting with Eoin has consistently been 48, and most recently 47


Opened my eyes a lot. Save me that space I’m coming back!”

Robyn, Ireland

“Working alongside Eoin has been nothing short of amazing! He really takes the time to get to know his clients inside and out, and really understands what their needs and fitness/diabetes management goals are.


He is so motivating and is always on hand if you need that extra bit of help. He is an expert at what he does. I’ve learned more from him than any doctors over the years. He puts his all into his work and he cares for each and every client.”

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Andi, Germany

“Eoin has helped me to understand my Diabetes so much better. After 17 years with this condition, many bad habits had crept in, which I have reflected and focused on in the coaching. I learned a lot about my Diabetes, and also how to optimise my levels in combination with doing sports.


After Eoin and I worked together, I was able to significantly improve my Diabetes management, fitness levels and general health!”

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David, Ireland

“Prior to being diagnosed at the end of last year, I was regularly exercising and playing sports, so it was a tough pill to swallow with diagnosis worrying about how my daily life was going to be affected.. At the time! 


I left the hospital on the 23rd of December, and thankfully I found Eoin's podcast which I flew through during the holidays. I reached out to Eoin maybe less than a month later and it was the best decision I made this year. 


Having worked with Eoin on a daily basis, he broke down diabetes so well for me and really helped me understand how to approach day to day life living with T1D.


With his guidance, I regained the weight I had lost during my initial diagnosis, as well as comfortably returning to the gym and football which was my main worry. Funny enough I feel stronger and fitter now than I have in the last 5 years!! 


Coming up on a year since diagnosis, working with Eoin gave me the foundations going forward and put me at ease from day 1. Constant support and a bundle of knowledge in all aspects of diabetes!”

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Jill, Ireland

“Working with Eoin over the past few months has been something that has drastically changed my diabetes management for the better.


I was burned out and not sure on where to go or what to do next, his commitment to the plan and advice has completely changed my outlook and diabetes control for the better. His advice and understanding of diabetes is second to none and I couldn’t have done it without his help and support. I am a happier and healthier person after working with him!”

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Eric, Ireland

“Before I started working with Eoin, I had fallen into a hole with my diabetes, and my management of it. Losing my job during Covid probably had the biggest effect because I had no routine. I was eating at all times of the day and night, constantly having high blood sugars in the morning and a lot more low blood sugars than you’d want! I had also gained a good bit of weight which is never good, especially for my diabetes management.


When I started working with Eoin, I quickly got back into a routine which was massive for me. Eoin helped me understand my diabetes so much more, and with the nutritional guidance and optimisation of mealtimes I had lost a stone before I had even got properly going with the hard training.


I’m grateful for absolutely everything he showed me, and I can safely say I can manage my diabetes so much better after working with him!”

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Ross, UK

“​​Before working with Eoin, I struggled to keep on top of my blood sugars and maintain my ‘time in target’. I often was yoyo-ing between big highs and lows. Being a diabetic means you're on your own a lot of the time trying to deal with your blood sugars.


Eoin was a great guide and mentor, giving practical advice and tips to stabilise my blood sugars. Regular check-ins meant that each week we were learning and optimising to get better control. My hba1c reduced from 7.1 to 6.2, my time in target range went up to over 70% for the first time and my doctors have noticed the positive impact of working with Eoin.


I also used Eoin's exercise plans to lean up, reduce body fat while maintaining muscle size. It was way smoother than other apps I've tried in the past, and again I've seen the positive impacts of that continue. My 5km running time has gone from around 30min to under 20min!


It was also really useful to have someone who knew how to manage the stresses of diabetes and everyday situations like drinking, work stress, sleep and working out. I don't know where else I would've found this understanding and guidance. 


Would recommend Eoin to any diabetic!”

Kane, USA

“Working with Eoin has been life-changing. His knowledge and expertise on how to manage exercise, fitness and nutrition with Type 1 Diabetes is world class.


Through his program I was able to successfully achieve my fitness goals, all while managing and building confidence around my blood sugars - that ultimately resulted in my lowest A1C to date!”

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Kiersten, USA

"The decision to work with Eoin was the best one I’ve ever made for my diabetes management, physical fitness, and mindset!


Eoin took the time to really get to know my goals and wishes, and designed a program that worked for me. The workouts were enjoyable and challenging, and I saw a huge improvement in my insulin sensitivity and physique as a result.


Before working with Eoin, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to exercise effectively with diabetes, and he helped me do just that. I also used to be extremely hard on myself and expected perfection, but working so closely with Eoin has allowed me to let go and live my life with diabetes, a mindset that will stick with me forever!


I cannot say enough great things about 1:1 coaching with Eoin!!"

Rob, Ireland

"Prior to starting with Eoin, I had very little gym experience and was clueless about nutrition and gaining muscle with diabetes. I also thought after having diabetes for 25 years that there wasn’t much left to learn about it. Eoin proved me wrong on this week in, week out. 


My main aim was to build muscle, and I also wanted to improve my A1C while learning more about diet and macronutrients. I had been with trainers before, but they understandably weren’t well versed in diabetes and its relationship with training and diet.


Thankfully Eoin’s knowledge of this is incredible and he definitely educated me on these things. I was also quite nervous about starting in the gym as it was an environment I wasn’t used to and I knew very little about weight training. Eoin settled these nerves; his patience and understanding towards my position and lack of experience, really helped me to power through it.

I’m much more comfortable in the gym now, and my knowledge of workouts has improved hugely. 


I felt his approach to me as a client was very personal; he cared about my situation and had a genuine interest in what was going on in my life in terms of my diabetes.

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I know this kind of depth can be hard to find when looking for a trainer, so I’m thankful for how easy it was to discuss certain things with Eoin during our calls.


I’ve put on 10kg of muscle during my time with Eoin, which would have been unthinkable for me a few years ago. I feel great; I’m delighted with the shape I’m in, and my A1C is the best it’s been in years."

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“Before I started working with Eoin, I’d hit a wall with my diabetes management. I'd developed a lot of anxiety towards carbs and insulin, and was constantly afraid of taking too much insulin and gaining weight. It felt like I was constantly trying and getting nowhere. I'd tried numerous times discussing this with my medical team but they had very little to offer.


I decided to look for a trainer who at least had experience working with type 1s to develop a fitness program aimed at building muscle and losing fat to increase my overall insulin sensitivity. I also wanted to develop a strategy for managing blood glucose when I inevitably become ill.


Eoin’s experience, knowledge & approach completely exceeded my expectations. I’ve been diabetic for almost 20 years, have read extensively in an attempt to understand the disease, but it's his insight that stands out as exceptional.

Lisa, Ireland

Changes and trends in my blood sugar that I’ve known about but never understand, he picks up instantly, can tell what the issue is and then has an adjustment or solution. He helped me understand how to effectively manage carb counts, insulin ratios and timing, and had an endless supply of tips and tools that made management less stressful.


It’s his overall approach to teaching that I found most effective. His process consists of a tailored effort to build habits that allow for more positive blood glucose control.


I now carb count, dose and time my insulin without thinking, something in the past felt like a huge burden, naturally I learned a lot about fitness and nutrition during the program but he taught me a shift in mindset that almost freed me from the weight of diabetes management.

It's no longer a burden, it's just what I do now. At the end of my program my HbA1c had dropped into the 40s, a range I had never been in before and was the first time I’d ever seen a solid return on my efforts.


I would highly recommend Eoin to any diabetic looking to improve any aspect of their management, fitness or who just wants to understand their own control better. I’m of the opinion now that, once you get your insulin from the Endo, Eoin is the next guy you should see.


Our time together has had a hugely positive impact upon my health, blood glucose control and general wellbeing, and especially if you are newly diagnosed, working with him now to build good habits is a no brainer.


Overall, Eoin was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer and offered even more than I was expecting, can’t recommend him enough.”

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