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8 Week





Start Date - Oct 5th 2020

What is it?

8 Week Online Group Fitness Project.
Take part and connect with like minded, driven people.
Home or Gym workouts straight from your phone.
Workout anywhere, anytime to fit around your schedule!
8 Weeks of guided workouts and scheduled meal plans.
Start date - October 5th
End date  - November 30th.
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Nothing motivates you more than a coach who is training with you, and a community of like minded, driven people with similar goals.

Who is it for?

You should join us if...'re tired of not seeing the results you want from your workouts. need a personalised plan that's effective and easy to follow. need guidance on how to train for a certain goal. want to get in shape but lack the motivation and consistency to create new routines.'re new to training and want to make a change to improve your health. want to be part of our online Diabetic community.'re experienced but want to take your training to the next level. want to be healthier, increase your energy and boost your mood!
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Nutrition and exercise are irreplaceable tools towards living an energetic, fulfilling and happy life!

What to expect?

Create routine and be consistent with your workouts.
Move towards your fitness goals; burn fat, build muscle, be happy!
Consistent contact, guidance, support and motivation.
Become part of our health driven online community.
Both male and female plans available!
Increase insulin sensitivity through workouts and nutrition plans.
Updates and communication with Diabetics on the same journey.
Gain the knowledge to keep your blood sugar steady while training.
Understand why your blood sugar acts the way it does while working out.
Take full control of your Diabetes and blood sugar management.

What's included?

Your own custom nutrition plan, workout plan and macronutrient breakdown via insuleoin app.
Constant support and guidance from me and the community.
Complete guide to keeping blood sugar steady while training.
Weekly check-ins, program updates and plan adjustments.
Instructional videos for each exercise in your program.
8 full weeks of guided workouts. Increasing in difficulty each week.
Access to our online community and Diabetic Facebook group.
insuleoin recipes books with 85+ high protein and low carb meals.
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Ready to get...
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