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Home Workout


Designed by a Diabetic, for a Diabetic.

I've created this guide to help you keep your blood sugar steady, stay consistent, stay motivated and get the most out of training from home.
Who is this ebook for?
Anyone who... tired of going high/low during workouts.
...needs a plan to stay consistent at home.
...needs guidance on how to manage blood sugars while training.
...wants to stay in shape but can't get to the gym.
... is not sure what exercises are most effective.
...wants a plan from someone who understands Diabetes. sick of having no motivation to workout at home.
...wants to burn fat, tone up and build muscle.
Diabetes should be the reason we're in great shape, not the reason why we're not!
What to expect...
Understand why your blood sugar acts the way it does while working out.
Increase your insulin sensitivity.
Gain the knowledge to keep your blood sugar steady while training.
Create routine and be consistent with your home workouts.
Learn to create your own workouts at home OR in the gym.
Move towards your fitness goals.
Burn fat/Build muscle/Tone up.
Suitable for both males and females.
What's inside the guide?
Over 70 pages of science based Diabetes training methods.
Explanations as to why and how to exercise at home.
Complete guide to keeping blood sugar steady while training.
Training with Diabetes and Home Workout FAQs.
Exercise library outlining how to perform each exercise correctly.
4 full weeks of guided workouts. Increasing in difficulty each week.
Templates to create your own custom workouts from what you've learned.
Ready to get stronger, fitter, healthier?
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